Michelin Power Gravel Tyre 700 x 40c
  • Michelin Power Gravel Tyre 700 x 40c

    A reliable and high-performing, go anywhere road tyre, which is perfect for inner city riding, tarmac training and gravel path adventures. It guarantees superb grip, rolling performance and reliability anywhere you ride.

    Featuring Bead 2 Bead Protek protection and constructed with a 3x210 TPI multi-layered casing, the Power Gravel TLR provides is strongly protected against punctures. This TLR version is tubeless ready and when it is setup Tubeless, it provides very low-rolling resistance for exceptional speed while enhancing grip and traction significantly.


    More Puncture Protection
    Thanks to the "Bead 2 Bead Protek" reinforcement which protects the whole tyre casing.

    More Miles
    Thanks to the new exclusive X-Miles Compound rubber which increases the tyre's lifespan

    More Grip
    Thanks to its "Gravel Design" tread pattern with small bloacks for low rolling resistance and excellent grip on mixed surfaces.