Here at Geared Up Cycles there is no repair too small or too big, we can do anything from just that tweak on your gears to help get everything running more smoothly to a full strip down and rebuild. Any bike - any model.

Our service menu and guide on repair jobs is shown below:

All prices quoted cover the labour involved with the service and fitting. Parts themselves are not included, and would be additional. Book online and pay in store. On our calendar please select staff which is actually location of booking.


When can i drop my bike off for its service/repair?

Your welcome to drop your bike/bikes off at the earliest of the Saturday before the booking all the way up to the morning of the repair booking.

How long will my service/repair take?

The bike will be done on the day it is booked for. We use the timing for a very rough guide and day plan, how ever if it is something you wish to drop your bike off at the stated booking time do mention this in the booking. And all of the jobs are completed on the day of booking unless parts are needed which can cause a small delay.

How often should I get my bike serviced??

This all depends on how much you use your bike!  If you're a commuter and use it every day, I would recommend a service every 3-4 months. If you are a casual user and ride at weekends I would recommend every 5-6 months. If you are a very occasional user - once it a blue moon - then a yearly service should be sufficient.


Which service should I go for??

It all depends on when your bike was last serviced and kind of ties in with the question above. Ideally, every other service should be a full one. Due to general wear and tear, many parts may need re-greasing and cleaningwhich will also help prolong their life. If the bike isnt used very hard and mainly in dry weather you can get away with a general service most of the time. I can always advise which is best in each specific situation.


Do you do a collect and delivery service?

Yes we do, contact us for details. Call out charges can sometimes apply but contact me for more details, if you are further afield, if 3 or more bikes are booked in at the same time this call out charge will be waived.


Please contact us directly for specific details:

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